Textiles have infinite possibilities despite the simple construction of crossing of warp and weft. Our insatiable spirit of inquiry and challenge is the source of Kawashima Selkon Textiles’ manufacturing.
We will continue to deliver amazement and impression, combining “traditional and modern technique” with “Japanese and worldwide design” and “technology and expression.”

Attitude of Persistence in “真善美 (Makoto)”

真 : Truth
Manufacturing of genuine articles, never compromising in materials or processes
善 : Goodness
Building trust to deliver products that give a sense of security
美 : Beauty
Producing artistic fine articles to thoroughly pursue beauty of Japanese traditional dyeing and weaving

Makoto, which Jimbei Kawashima Ⅳ fixed in the management policy as our corporate spirit, still has been succeeded as our attitude towards manufacturing.

Single Thread Mind

Craftsmanship created from single thread.
Attitude hasn’t changed to inherit cultivated technique and intend fine manufacturing.
Spirit of improving of skills, sharpening sensitivity and aiming for the height is the origin of our manufacturing.

Space is left behind in memory

Colorful and impressive space left behind in memory.
We provide you with amazement and experiences that can be obtained only in the space..