What we do

We can handle all the processes regarding products in our company, which is unusual in textile business in Kyoto based on the division of labor, from planning, development, designing, dyeing, and weaving to sale except for manufacturing yarn. This system enables us to control high-level quality with easiness of conservation and provide more appropriate products with prompt correspondence to customers' demands, which is essential to produce textiles using high technology. We are characterized by this system which we stick to most now.

We produce obi, stage curtain, festival curtain and traditional accessories and restore or repair valuable artistic textiles in this 175-year-old business.
It is not an exaggeration to say that these are works of art, which are woven pick by pick by the hands of craftsmen. We make efforts to succeed steadily cultivated technique over a period of time and keep innovating to pursue the ultimate beauty of Japan, absorbing modern technique and sensation.