Traditional and Artistic Textiles


Kawashima obis are characterized by the high level technique based on the history, the original designs which create tens of thousands collections and high quality, which material is silk and we stick to its quality under rigorous control standards.
Kimono lovers place confidence in Kawashima obis which are evaluated as a top brand.


① Design Design beautiful and tasteful obis.
② Technical design and coloration Color-coordinate obis and fix weaving structure repeating thinking of the appropriate pattern followed by the color combination and trial weaving.
③ Dyeing Silk dyed by hand for obis. Skillful craftsmen compound dyestuff based on their years of experience.
④ Weaving Weaving is classified into two broad categories, delicate handwoven tsuzure and jacquard which enables complicated structure with Jacquard looms.
After weaving, proceed to finishing.

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