Traditional and Artistic Textiles

Festival Curtain

In Japan, festivals have been held naturally as ceremonies welcoming gods and in various regions, characteristic festivals have been handed on succeeding generations. Mikoshi, portable shrine, festival float curtain, and costume are valuable as cultural property.
We handle restoration and repair of precious dyed and woven textiles for festivals in many parts in Japan, trying multiple investigation conscious of time background and comprehensive research using advanced technology as well as development of dyeing and weaving technique.


① Presentation and preparation of production In case of making new one, designs are presented taking into consideration historical background and implication of motif. On the other hand, in case of restoration, inspection of yarn class, weaving structure and technique is implemented.
② Make original painting Making new one...Make original paintings reflecting customers' plans.
Restoration...Make original paintings by tracing designs of old ones on the basis of specifications by research.
③ Make sketch Because tsuzure weaving is carried out from the back side, the sketch having right and left pattern reversed is made.
④ Dyeing Dye yarn most appropriate color prooved by inspection.
⑤ Trial weaving Weave a key part on trial. Consider suited expression and technique.
⑥ Weaving Along with stage curtains, festival curtains are also woven putting sketches under warp. Weaving is carried on thinking out suited expression by reference to expanded sketches and original paintings.
After weaving, proceed to finishing.

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