1843 Company founder Jimbei Kawashima opens a modest but comprehensive fabrics store (shop name:Uedaya)
1886 Jimbei Kawashima Ⅱ visits Europe to study fabrics together with Yajiro Shinagawa, special envoy to Germany.
1888 The company produces interior decoration fabrics for the Meiji Palace and becomes the first company in Japan to launch an interior decoration and curtain business.
1889 The company first exhibits a hand-woven tapestry at the Paris International Exposition and is awarded the gold prize. Since then, it begins to exhibit and receive many awards at various international expositions held in Chicago, Saint Louis and Liege.

The company opens a fabric showroom under the name of "Museum of Art Specimens" in Sanjo Takakura, Kyoto. ... nation's first company museum, industry's first showroom
1913 The company produces the hand-woven brocade tapestry "Banshunshoka-hyakkahyakucho" for the Hague Peace Palace in Holland.

The company starts a new factory equipped with power looms for mass production of interior decoration textiles.
1956 The company's seating fabric for automobile was adopted and make an advance into interior fabrics of passenger automobile.

The company's head office is relocated to Shizuichi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, and a new headquarters plant is constructed.
1994 Kawashima Textile Mfg. Phils., Inc. is established in the Philippines. (first overseas base)
2002 Kawashima Textile Manufacturers(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established in China.
Kawashima Textile USA, Inc. is established in the USA.
2006 Kawashima Textile Manufacturers Ltd., Selkon Co., Ltd. and Kawashima Sales Ltd. merge to form Kawashima Selkon Textiles Company Limited.
2009 Toyota Boshoku Corporation, Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd. and Toyota Tsusho Corporation established a new company, TB Kawashima Co., Ltd. producing fabrics for automobiles, trains, aircraft etc.
2010 Automobile, train and airplane interior textile businesses start as TB Kawashima Co., Ltd.
Kawashima Selkon Textiles signs a contract of business and capital alliance with JS Group Corporation( current LIXIL Group Corporation ).
2011 The Company becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of JS Group Corporation( current LIXIL Group Corporation ).
2013 The Company delivers three stage curtains for Kabuki-za and two for Festival Hall.

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