Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Kawashima Selkon Group is committed itself to providing products and services that impress and satisfy customers around the world and to the company constantly creating and presenting new cultures, to contribute to the development of spiritually affluent society.

Business Principles

  1. We will respect the voice of customers always based on the attitude of "Customer First".
  2. We will dedicate ourselves to winning the trust of the community through providing high-quality products and prompt and sincere services.
  3. We will pursue growth in harmony with all business partners.
  4. We will foster an open, active and challenging corporate culture, while enhancing human resources development.
  5. We will fulfill the social responsibility of the corporation through the growth of the business and enhancement and expansion of the management foundation.

Action Guidelines

  1. We will build a corporate culture embodying the Business Principles by the efforts of all the individuals concerned.
  2. We will put premium on teamwork.
  3. We will think out any issues, and at the same time, take speedy actions.
  4. We will endeavor to improve ourselves, to enhance the work level as professionals.
  5. We will realize our individual dreams positively and vigorously through the work.

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