A Message from the President

President Susumu Yamaguchi

Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd. has two lines of business, "Traditional and Artistic Textiles" such as 'Kawashima's obis (kimono sashes)' that kimono lovers long for wearing, stage curtains and festival float curtains and "Interior Decoration/Fabrics Business" which has led the Japanese interior decoration market with curtain, carpet, wall-covering and interior accessories since it started to produce interior decoration for the Meiji Imperial Palace.

Our techniques and adherence, which is common among our products, have been handed down for more than 170 years and we have been challenging to improve ‘monozukuri’ with our Corporate Philosophy, "Kawashima Selkon Group is committed itself to providing products and services that impress and satisfy customers around the world and to the company constantly creating and presenting new cultures, to contribute to the development of spiritually affluent society." We show our business, technique, and a part of our products through this website. It would be a real pleasure if you could understand and have interest in our business and products.

Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd. became a member of LIXIL group in 2011. We will continue to make strenuous efforts to become a global leading company in fabric market by delivering high quality and high valued products. Your further support would be sincerely appreciated.

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