Environmental Activity

Kawashima Selkon Textiles Group has aggressively implemented establishment of eco-friendly recycling system and development of environment-conscious products, promoting environmental practice following each sectoral policies to achieve our own goals.

Environmental Philosophy

We at Kawashima Selkon Group hereby declare to strictly conform to all laws and regulations regarding the environment, and to accept full responsibility for conserving the global environment as a member of society by promoting administrative policies that take the environment into consideration.

Established April 1, 2006
Revised April 1, 2008

Approach to environment

We accept full responsibility for developing environment-conscious products as well as realizing zero-emission in the factory and work in many aspects such as sale of carpet tile which has carbon offset system, recovery or reuse of carpet samples, and recycle of used curtains. With these approaches evaluated, we were certificated as an "Eco-First Company"in 2010. From diverse standpoints, we contribute to create future environment.

"Eco-First Program"
The "Eco-First Program" was introduced in April 2008 by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, which seeks to encourage the environmental preservation activities of leading companies by requiring them to commit to the Minister of the Environment in voluntary environmental protection initiatives.

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